Handgun Hangers (4-Pack)


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Quality built in the U.S.A., our below-shelf Handgun Hangers add an entirely new level of functionality to the storage shelving in gun safes, cabinets, and lockers.    

Crafted from heavy gauge, domestically-milled steel and finished with a smooth, highly durable, matte-black powder coating, these HandgunHangers are designed to make use of every inch of hanging space below shelving to safely store and organize handguns.  Utilize that newly cleared-out shelf space for an array of other items or store even more handguns on the shelf using Versatile Handgun Racks.


  • Protects & Preserves the Finish onHandguns & Pistols
  • Maximizes Available Storage Space in Gun Safes, Cabinets, & Lockers
  • Compatible with Shelving up to 1” (Thick) x 10” (Deep) Minimum
  • Fits .22 Caliber (and Larger)Handguns & Pistols